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Madness T E T R I S ' D Madness T E T R I S ' D

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Alright, let's pretend I am watching this piece of shit and I am commenting:

The first sentence, "Somewhere in Kentudkchs ud" (whatever), is so LAME.

The V-cam makes no sense at all... it just jumps beetween the two first guys for no fucking reason. By the way, how could that guy throw that madness guy with one hand ... ?

Wow!!! H0ly sheit, bashin' h3ad on @ contr0l paneL iZ pretty funney, u kno !!!!!!1111 ;))

Uh... how the hell did that guy jump 5 metres (twice) without using his legs...? That doesn't make any sense.

Lmao, that guy picked up 4 tetris blocks and threw them into other blocks for no reason and somehow the blocks falled right above the other ones.

WOw, d00d, that, was, very, funney, that, that, guy, have, been, turned, into, a, leet, for, no, reason, ;))))))

Rofl MAO, what was the point in having a disguise, I mean seriously, you just put into your flashes some random things wich doesn't have to do anything with the flash.

Once again, the jumping doesn't make any sense.

That's funny how the leet/faggot guy repaired the tetris machine by jerking the wrench inside the machine.

How did he know that there will be a grappeling hook inside that block?!

LMAO. Lmao... that blue fag threw that leet down and that leet didn't even get hurt. He didn't even fall, he landed perfectly on his feet. Dude, seriously, learn physics. Try once to be pushed from a cliff, don't get hurt and land perfectly on your feet, do you think this is possible?!

Thank God this is over now, alright, so here comes the conclusion:

Overall, this was horrible, had no sense and I just CAN'T BELIEVE this has 3.84 !!!
Seriously, DO YOU think this is a parody?! Parody isn't even something like this, parody is this: you just rip off something and them make it look comic and funny. This is NOT funny, this is just a shitty, bad rip off.

Lmao... you really spent 3 months on this...? Are you serious? I just can't believe it, I could make something like this in 1 day.

The animation was just Horrible, with big "H", I mean, you animate since 8th September, 2007 and you haven't improved a damn SHIT.

Also, I see that you try to delete every comment wich lowers your average score, (It should be something like 0.1, but since you cry everytime you see a bad review, it doesn't) Cool alternative account by the way: http://sprinter32.newgrounds.com/
You're so fucking lame if you review your own movies, learn to take proper critism, you didn't improve in over 3 years wich means you can just stop animating OR learn to accept proper critism and learn to animate from those who can.

Please, don't delete this review, don't tell your friends (If you have any) to mark it abusive, if you do, it just proves that you can't take proper critism. In other words, you will look like an idiot. Please, listen to my words and you'll be way better than you are now.

Crazymonkey154 responds:

WHOA THERE..... that's a whole motherfucking lot to say.....

Look, I CAN take proper criticism. Some people either don't realize it or just won't accept it.

Also, my skills have gone up since making this. They also had been doing so before I even made this. I'll admit that some things defied reality and physics, but those aren't ALWAYS the concern for animating. Too little makes it horrid, like you said. But that doesn't necessarily apply.

But too MUCH realism and physics just isn't good either.

Additionally, no- I do NOT cry whenever I see a bad review. I'm not that type of loser.

I don't know why know I had the 1337 and protagonist appear differently than they would in the end, now. But quite frankly, it doesn't matter to me.

You say that you'd be able to make something like this in one day..... ARE YOU SHITTING ME!?

Another thing..... look, I really HAVE listened to your words- so don't get me wrong there. But quite honestly, you didn't need to go into a big ass lecture about how you think I "can't properly take criticism and haven't improved at all in animating".

I know lots of my previous things had very crappy animating, but this one isn't!! Even though this isn't as good as my current skill, it's still great compared to my previous things.

Oh, and I specifically said that THIS IS NOT A RIP-OFF!!!


Mr. Nails SE Ep. 9 Mr. Nails SE Ep. 9

Rated 5 / 5 stars

gReaT MoviIE

ItSS GreTa, VeRy GrEAt : = )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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